Team Work. There is no I in TEAM!

By: Karen Young 

Do you ever wish that just for today someone else could take over? Take over the exams, take over the consults.  Well, that may not be possible after all you are the dentist and only you can diagnosis and recommend treatment to our patients.  But how would you feel about having a team surrounding you that empowers the practice and your philosophy?  Empowering your team to co-discover with your patients their oral health condition and to assist you as an extension of yourself, could alleviate stress in your office and ultimately increase production.

I had the privilege of working with a dentist in Hamilton for almost 15 years. I consider this man a true mentor to my success and knowledge. He used to take courses by himself and return on Monday morning so excited to implement all his new learning.  Of course, we as the auxiliary did not share in his excitement as we did not attend the course lecture with him. So, we decided to give him a week and his excitement would dull to a soft roar and all that he learned would be put on the back shelf once again. Guess what it worked; time and time again. Finally, he said to us “I am only as good as my team” and he started taking us with him on his journey.  We traveled to all parts of the USA and Canada studying everything and anything about dental implants.  Our production did not just increase by 25% but it increased 100%.  We doubled our production in less than 2 years. Training your team to become an extension of yourself is for the strong and successful. Look at hockey, baseball, basketball, is there 1 player on each team.  NO!  Successful teams are made up of strong players.  Why would we think we are any different!  Do you want a winning team?

Implant Treatment Coordinators are trained at advanced levels. They are like the quarterback on your team. They need to understand all aspects of dentistry. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about finances and the risks involved with the recommended treatment. Studies have shown it is the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN that we as human exhibit and project to others when our knowledge or belief is not intact.   Once that unknown is uncovered and identified we realized we are no longer afraid, yet a new inner being is being developed; one with confidence, professionalism, and an elevated level of communication skills.

We can’t completely understand the psychology behind what makes each patient tick, but we can learn to make them own their condition and present recommended treatment that could result in a healthier patient with higher self-esteem. Dental Implant Coordinators are the needed in every practice. They are the extension and the glue that helps run your practice to the next level; because if you are not presenting or recommending dental implants in your practice; what are you waiting for?


Karen Young F.A.D.I.A.  Speaker, Coach, Certified Educator
Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator (25+ years)

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