Predictable Treatment Option for Narrow Alveolar Ridge: Ridge Expansion and Fundamentals of Management of Extraction Site


Apr 29 & 30, 2023

Vancouver, BC

Course Fee : $2,000 + tax (Early bird : $1,800 + tax until Apr 3)

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After the extraction, the alveolar ridge undergoes remodeling of the bone, which will lead to horizontal and vertical bone loss. Therefore, implant surgery in the narrow alveolar ridge is still one of the challenging scenarios that surgeons face today. Various surgical techniques have been utilized to treat narrow alveolar ridge. This lecture will present a less invasive surgical technique to overcome a thin ridge and to achieve a predictable clinical outcome.


Learn the basics and fundamentals of ridge expansion technique to achieve predictable clinical implant surgery outcomes in the narrow ridge.

4 Reasons to Take This Course:

  1. Learn the advantages of ridge expansion compared to GBR or other bone grafting techniques
  2. Learn indication and contra-indications of ridge expansion
  3. Learn the surgical technique of ridge expansion during the lecture and hands-on session.
  4. Hands-on exercise with model

After the extraction, alveolar ridge goes through bony remodeling. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage the extraction site to preserve the hard and soft tissue. Without this knowledge, implant surgery can be much more challenging, which may lead complications and unfavorable clinical outcomes.  During this lecture, these are some of the topics that will be discussed:

These are some of the topics discussed in this course:

  1. Fundamentals of alveolar ridge remodeling after the extraction: What really happens?
  2. Indications, rationale and contra-indications for RPBG
  3. Peri-apical infection: Can I do RPBG?
  4. Gingival swelling or fistula with buccal bone loss: Is RPBG possible?
  5. Maxillary sinus infection: RPBG or not?
  6. Predictable way to manage hard and soft tissue
  7. Flap vs flapless extraction
  8. Granulation tissue: Good, bad or ugly?
  9. Hands-on exercise with model




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Date : Apr 29 & 30, 2023 | Time : 9am – 5pm (14 CE)

Course Fee : $2,000 + tax (Early bird : $1,800 + tax until Apr 3)

Location : TBA

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