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5 Lectures & Discussions
1st lecture – Jan 24, 2023 – COMPLIMENTARY SESSION
2nd lecture -Feb 21, 2023
3rd lecture – Mar 14, 2023
4th lecture – Sept 7, 2023
5th lecture – Nov 7, 2023

Location: Courtyard by Marriott Montreal Midtown

(6787 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E3)



The Montreal Study Club is a community of like-minded dentists where they can connect, share and learn from one another to ulitmately elevate their skills and knowledge to provide the best clinical treatments for their patients.  Four experienced, Montreal-area clinicians will lead the study club, providing members with up-to-date, clinical based learnings in the field of dental implants. Elevate your practice today and become a clinical leader in your community.

 2023 Montreal Study Club Schedule & Topics


Welcome Dinner – Immediate Implant Placement –

January 24, 2023 – 7pm – 9pm – 2CE – Dinner included 


An immediate implant placed immediately after tooth extraction allows clinicians to reduce the number of surgical procedures, resulting in shorter treatment times. Careful planning and case selection are needed to predict future soft and hard tissue levels, achieve implant primary stability, and ensure implant success and final esthetic outcomes. Gain the confidence to perform this very successful procedure that can greatly benefit your patients.


OneGuide System –

Feb 21th, 2023 – 7pm – 9pm – 2CE – Dinner included 

From precise imaging, to more efficient surgeries, dentistry has benefited from the advances of technology. Due to the rapid advancement of 3D imaging, dentists are in an era where they can now provide their patients with more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. In this session, Dr. Zain Turner will discuss and share how digitally guided implant surgery has benefited both his patients and practice. He will also present and show the digital workflow with Hiossen’s OneGuide System and the roles and responsibilities of each member of the dental team.


Tissue Level Implants –

March 14th – 7pm – 9pm – 2CE Dinner included 

Dental implants lack cementum and PDL attachment. As a result, they have an innate risk of direct bacterial attack to the underlying alveolar bone support. Bacteria can cause a very quick host response which leads to rapid and severe bone loss around implants in a process called peri-implantitis. To reduce this risk, implant design can help by moving the plaque harboring connections (implant-restorative interface) away from the alveolar crest. This has been a principle behind the long-term success of soft tissue level implants. In this session several advantages will be reviewed of tissue level implants from periodontal and restorative point of views.


Bone & Soft Tissue Management –

Sept 7th – 7pm – 9pm – 2CE Dinner included 


This session will take a look at several areas of hard and soft tissue management. Topics that will be discussed will range from suturing, flap designs, bone and soft tissue grafting techniques for long-term implant success. Esthetic considerations from a periodontic point of view will be presented along with tissue preservation after extractions for implants and understanding the alveolar ridge to perform augmentation techniques.


Sinus Lifting & Grafting –

Nov 7th – 7pm – 9pm – 2CE Dinner included 

The posterior maxilla poses many challenges for the placement of dental implants. Bone loss and atrophy, pneumatization of the sinuses, poor bone density, and very high occlusal forces lead to this difficulty. Gain the confidence and hands-on knowledge needed to perform safe and predictable indirect crestal sinus lifts with predictable outcomes.





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