Dr. Youngsam Kim is a prominent instructor on wisdom tooth extraction and dental implant surgery. He is internationally known and travels all over the world providing Lectures on safe and efficient methods of 3rd molar extraction and dental implants. He is a published author of several books, including Extraction of Third Molars: Easy Simple Safe Efficient Minimally Invasion & Atraumatic, 2018, which has currently been published in five different languages. He is also the author of ESSE Mastering Dental Implants, 2021.
Dr. Kim has extensive dental training, including earning his dental degree, Masters and PhD from Jeonbuk National University School of Dentistry in Korea and perio-implant CE course at The University of Toronto. He served two preceptorships at the UCLA School of Dentistry, in Periodontics and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery. His current professional affiliations include serving as the Principal Dentist at Gangnam Dental Office (2011 - present), Associate Professor at Jeonbuk National University School of Dentistry (2006 – present), Associate Professor at Pusan National University ( 2011 – present), Associate Professor at Yonsei University College of Dentistry (2015 – present), Faculty member of Osstem/Hiossen Implant Korea (2007 – present), Head Director of Dentis Implant Continuing Education (2016 – present), Director of Gangnam Academy of Wisdom Tooth Extraction (GAWE) (2013 – present), Director of Gangnam International Implant Academy (GIIA), Korea (2005 – present), Director of Great Implant Academy (GIA), USA (2019 – present).