Greater Vancouver Area Implant Study Club + Live Surgery


Vancouver, BC
Session 1: Sep 27, 2023 – 2hr evening session
Session 2: Nov 22, 2023 – 2hr evening session
Session 3: Dec 9, 2023 – Full day live surgery (Saturday)
Session 4: Mar 20, 2024 – 3hr evening session
Session 5: Apr 17, 2024 – 3hr evening session
Session 6: May 8, 2024 – 3hr session


Course Overview:

This clinically-oriented study club is designed to provide dentists with a comprehensive understanding of implant surgery and restorations, focusing specifically on complicated single implants and short-span implant Fixed Dental Prostheses. Encompassing a wide spectrum of topics, the curriculum delves into CBCT imaging, intra-oral scanning, virtual implant planning, surgical guide design, guided surgery protocols,
intraoral scanning in conjunction with scan bodies, and the intricate complexities of complex implant restoration cases. Participants will be presented with a unique clinical opportunity to engage in a complete surgical and prosthetic treatment for live patients, covering the entire process from implant planning to surgery and the final restoration.

Study Club Objectives: 

1. Introduce the significance of CBCT imaging and its pivotal role in implant planning.
2. Understanding of the effective utilization of virtual implant planning and prosthetically driven implant placement.
3. Equip participants with essential elements for the seamless integration of guided surgery protocols through a live patient experience.
4. Offer hands-on experience, enabling participants to proficiently utilize intraoral scanning technology in conjunction with scan bodies for the precise execution of implant restorations.
5. Provide dentists with the necessary knowledge to understand design, fabrication and material selection for implant restorations using CAD/CAM technology.


2023-2024  Vancouver Study Club Schedule & Topics:

Session 1 (Sep 27) – 2hr session
Introductory session, CBCT interpretation and Implant planning

Session 2 (Nov 22) – 2hr session
Treatment planning & case presentation

Session 3 (Dec 9) – Full-day live surgery (Sat)
Live Surgery day

Session 4 (Mar 20) – 3hr session
Abutment selection & Splinted implant impressions

Session 5 (Apr 17) – 3hr session
Live patient (Restorative): Conventional & digital impression taking

Session 6 (May 8) – 3hr session
Live patient (Restorative): Crown delivery

Study club mentor:

Dr. Nesrine Mostafa  BDS, MSc, MSc/Dip Pros, PhD, FRCD(C)

Starts September 27, 2023
Vancouver, BC
$3200 + tax

Contact: | 604-340-1022

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