Suture and Soft Tissue Management Course

It was all about improving knowledge and surgical skills.

Last week, over 20 participants, from across British Columbia and Alberta, including doctors and their CDAs, completed our Advanced Suture and Soft Tissue Management Course, on June 23rd and 24th, in Vancouver. This course was packed with both lecture and hands-on sessions to practice proper suture techniques for best surgical outcomes.

Our faculty and course director, Dr. David Chong, also discussed graft materials and membranes for specific surgeries which give him the best results. He also explored some of the different GBR/GTR techniques used to deal with soft tissue challenges for your patients, like Free Gingival Graft and Connective Tissue Graft. Our participants really enjoyed the “hands-on 1-on-1 coaching” they received from Dr. Chong and our other faculties, Dr. Jay Son and Dr. BK Yoon.

We were very pleased to hear the reviews and instant feedback about our course format that gives the participants full hands-on training right after each new technique lecture, giving you a chance to practice the new skill while its fresh in your mind. From this stand point, “This type of training gives the participants the best experience. Lectures are important, but hands-on training and coaching is where a skill is really learned”, says Dr. David Chong.


Read what the doctors have to say
about their experience with this course.


Dr. Thomas Jiang
“It was great to hear from Dr. Chong how can we can
integrate his techniques in our practice.”

Dr. Hardeep Bhatta
“The individual coaching during the
hands-on sessions was awesome.”

Dr. Kiet Do
“The lecture was very interesting and knowledgeable.
I think I haven’t been to a better course.”

Dr. Ryan Fraser
“A good balance between didactic and hands-on.
And I wish the course were longer.”


Lecture + Hands-on.
This is how AIC Education brings content to you.



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