Tissue Level Implants: Advantages & Benefits – MONTRÉAL, QC


Greenfield Park, QC

February 22, 2023

3CE Credits


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Tissue Level Implants: Advantages & Benefits

2hr lecture + hands-on

Dental implants lack cementum and PDL attachment. As a result, they have an innate risk of direct bacterial attack to the underlying alveolar bone support. Bacteria can cause a very quick host response which leads to rapid and severe bone loss around implants in a process called peri-implantitis. To reduce this risk, implant design can help by moving the plaque harboring connections (implant-restorative interface) away from the alveolar crest. This has been a principle behind the long-term success of the soft tissue level implants. In this lecture we will review several advantages of tissue level implants from periodontal and restorative point of views.

Founded in 2000, AIC Education has been training more than 37,000 doctors and issued over 400,000 CE Credits, and has become one of the world’s leading dental implant training institutes in the world. Learn from our mentors:

Dr. Omid Kiarash DMD, MSD, Dip. Perio., ABP.

Date and Time:
February 22, 2022 

New Zeeba Institute (3201 Boul. Taschereau, Greenfield Park, QC, J4V 2H4)

CE Credits: 
3 CE Credits

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Feb 22, 2023


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