AIC Implant Basic Course – FALL 2021 – Calgary


Welcome to the world of dental implantology.

Learn through experience and become a true implant expert.
Carefully and expertly designed, from base theories to supervised surgeries, our mentors guide you through it all.



Welcome to the world of dental implantology.

Learn through experience and become a true implant expert.
Carefully and expertly designed, from base theories to supervised surgeries, our mentors guide you through it all. The AIC Implant Master Program comprises of three separate modules, which cover the basics of Implantology, prosthetic considerations as well as advanced surgical techniques. This course enables you to stand out in the crowd, work along side your colleagues and mentors, and make Implantology a mainstay of your practice.



Tailored to meet the needs of the clinicians of tomorrow.
Learn the tools to incorporate implant dentistry into your practice.

In today’s day and age, oral Implantology has become a highly sought-after modality. For this reason, it is imperative that most Dentists include it among services offered for their patients. Basic Masters Module has been designed to facilitate both new and experienced implanters. It builds upon the basic implant knowledge from the ground up and introduces clinicians to the latest in techniques and technology in the implant industry. This carefully formulated program comprises many hands-on sessions including pig jaw surgeries and dry model workshops, to impart to our clinicians the scientific methods they need to use with their patients. The teaching process is both mentor and participant-centric with didactic discussions and mentored live surgeries to etch the new techniques each doctor will learn.

What you will learn:

• Rationale for Dental Implants, Anatomy, Local Anesthesia & Pharmacology
• Diagnosis & Treatment Planning, Surgical Principles
• Atraumatic extraction & Socket grafting, Intro to CBCT & Radiology, and guided surgery
• Soft Tissue & Flap design, Suturing and GBR
• Soft Tissue considerations



Understand the concepts behind reverse treatment planning.
Learn about ideal occlusal design and management of complications.

Implantology has grown into a highly sought-after skill in today’s world. With growing demand, patient expectations from their clinicians have reached a new high. For this reason, Implantology has evolved into a prosthesis driven industry as opposed to the surgery driven specialty of the old days. With this prosthetic design module, we aim to teach our doctors the fundamentals of implant success through ideal prosthesis design. Consisting of several hands-on workshops, this course introduces participants to several types of prostheses, their design and treatment planning to give their patients the best possible visible results. After all, it is all about what can be seen.

What you will learn:

• Implant prosthetic components
• Prosthetic considerations for implant dentistry
• Implant occlusion
• Overdentures using locator abutments
• Implant prosthetic complications



Gain the leadership skills you need.
Designed to impart excellence in surgical anatomy to advanced soft tissue management.

Complexities in surgeries have been the primary cause of clinicians remaining aloof of Oral Implantology. Not anymore. With the Surgical Master Module, we can assure our clinicians the tools they need to become oral Implantologist experts. The module is designed to be clinician centric and tailored to suit each participant individual needs. With its broad base curriculum, this program ensures our participants leave with the knowledge to tackle surgery with renewed fervour and predictable outcomes. Surgery masters include, but is not limited to, indirect and direct approach sinus lifts, ridge split and augmentation, immediate implants and advanced soft tissue management.



Basic Module 1 10-Sep Rationale for Dental Implants, Anatomical considerations, Implant Selection & Placement, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning for best outcome, RCDSO guideline review
11-Sep Local Anesthesia & Pharmacology, PT management & Medical emergencies, Implant components, Surgical principles, Armamentarium, Surgical technique, Intro to CBCT
12-Sep Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Preservation, Guided Surgery
Module 2 16-Oct Soft Tissue management, Flap design and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), knowledge of different membranes and bone materials
17-Oct Soft Tissue considerations & Suturing materials & basic suturing techniques (horizontal and vertical mattress)
Prosthetic Module 3 26-Nov Prosthetically driven implant dentistry, Basic Implant prosthetic components, different impression taking techniques
27-Nov Overdentures using locator abutments
28-Nov Types of restorations and prosthetic considerations for implant dentistry
Module 4 18-Dec Implant occlusion & implant prosthetic complications (Easy Screw Remover & Easy Fixture Remover)
19-Dec Esthetic implant prosthesis, Esthetic considerations
Live Surgery Module 5 22-Jan Live Surgery
23-Jan Live Surgery

Founded in 2000, AIC Education has been training more than 37,000 doctors and issued over 400,000 CE Credits, and has become one of the world’s leading dental implant training institutes in the world. Learn from our mentors: 

Dr. Jay Son, DDM
· Western Reserve University  
· Implantology 
· Certified in Invisalign, Cerec crown restoration and Nitrous Sedation 
· Implant Clinical Career (8Y+) 

Dr. Ryan Keyes, DDS
- Fellowship in Prosthodontics Toronto, ON - 2013 
- Certificate of Specialty in Graduate Prosthodontics University of Minnesota School of Dentistry 
- Minneapolis, MN - 2012 - BDdent, honours in Dentistry University of Sydney 
- Sydney NSW – 2008 
- Past President of the Alberta Academy of Prosthodontists
- Implant clinical career 9Y+

84 CE Credits | Up to 5 Modules | 12 Days

All 5 modules (Lecture & Hands-on & Live Surgery) 
Tuition Fee: $7,900 + Tax (AGD $100 off) 
Complimentary Surgical Kit (One Guide or Taper Kit) 
Module 1-4 (Lecture & Hands-on only) 
Tuition Fee: $5,900 + Tax (AGD $100 off)


8:30 AM SET-UP
9 AM - 5 PM 
Location: SkyCAD Dental Technology Ltd. (Dental Lab) | 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5
Questions / Registrations:  
Contact: | 604.340.1022

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