One of the biggest dental implant events in the world bringing the most recognized doctors. New techniques and methods, together with innovative tools and products for the industry.


  • Lecture 1 | Speaker: Dr. Mark Kwon (CAN)
    Clinical Considerations and Retrospective Analysis of Intermediate Anterior Implant Placement
  • Lecture 2 | Speaker: Dr. Zhoulei (CHN)
    Immediate Loading
  • Lecture 3 | Speaker: Dr. Fadi N Barrak (UK)
    Success with Osstem
  • Lecture 4 | Speaker: Dr. Takeo Kanayama (JPN)
    New strategy for bone regeneration by using PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) and Osstem Implant
  • Lecture 5 | Speaker: Dr. Jone Kim (USA)
    Predictable Treatment Option for Narrow Alveolar Crestal Ridge
  • Lecture 6 | Speaker: Dr. Kiseong Kim (KOR)
    New Osstem Digital Guided Surgery System: OneGuideTM System
  • Lecture 7 | Speaker: Dr. Marco Talarico (ITA)
    Decade of Guided Surgery! Why Guided Surgery?
  • Lecture 8 | Speaker: Dr. Yongseok Cho (KOR)
    Results of live surgeries during the past 10 years (Evolution and innovation in sinus bone regeneration)
  • Live Surgery: Dr. Yongjin Kim (KOR)
    Pannel: Dr. Yongseok Cho, Dr. Kiseong Kim, Dr. David Chong, Daehee Lee

Hands-on Sessions:

Speaker: Dr. Yongseok Cho (Korea)

  • Narrow ridge management / Hands-on with ESSET kit / Usefulness and limitation of short implant
    • Session 1: Narrow ridge management
    • Hands-on: Ridge split and expansion using the ESSET kit in model
    • Session 2: Usefulness and limitation of short implant

Speaker: Dr. Sewoung Kim (Korea)

  • Prosthetic guideline and clinical protocol for removable type implant prosthetics abstract
    • What is your best treatment plan for fully edentulous patients?
    • Selective guidelines of attachment for implant supported overdenture
    • Proper attachment selection and appropriate design to reduce maintenance works in the removable type implant prostheses (implant overdenture)
    • Total comprehension of Locator® type implant overdenture through the moving images
    • Clinical application of bar type implant overdenture – Case presentation

Speaker: Daehee Lee (Korea)

  • Principle of GBR
  • Indication and application method of Oss-Builder
  • Case and discussion with Oss-Builder
  • Soft tissue control for GBR and ridge augmentation
  • Hands-on practice
    • One wall defect GBR
    • Simultaneous vertical augmentation
Shenzhen, China - Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel | 2017.04.06 -08
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