Content 1: Extraction Socket Management for Immediate Implant Placement.

Immediate placements of implants into extraction sockets is an exciting treatment alternative for patients. However, there are many potential short and particularly long term risks which the practitioner must be fully aware of. This presentation will focus on the potential problems and benefits both clinically and biologically when the choice of immediate socket placement is made for single and multiple sites. Upon completion of this presentation participants should be able to:
  • Identify what type of healing takes place against the implant in immediate socket placement
  • Know how to minimize recession with immediate provisionalization
  • Know the proper crown contour for immediate provisionals
  • Know if the gap distance really matters
  • Know if primary closure should be attempted or should it be left open?
  • Know if membranes should be utilized?
  • Know what type of graft material if any should be utilized?
  • Identify what are the potential short and long-term risks involved with immediate placement of implants?
Content 2: Interdisciplinary Approach for Treating the Teeth and Implants in Aesthetic Zone.

The treatment planning of complex cases requires the highest level of knowledge and skill of the treating team. It is an orchestration of procedures including proper sequencing and timing that makes the difference. An envisionment of the final case before starting is required to know where the goal of treatment will be directed. This, in conjunction with the patient's needs and clinical situation, comprises the decision-making process for what is the best treatment for the patient. The following concerns will be addressed to some of the most challenging cases, such as:
  • which teeth to save or extract
  • should implants be placed immediately or in a delayed protocol
  • should multiple implants be placed in the aesthetic zone
  • when and how to include orthodontics if needed for sight development
  • should pink ceramic be used or should ridge augmentation be performed
  • should the case be splinted or broken up into separate bridges or individual teeth
  • how to provisionalize the case throughout treatment
  • when to immediate load cases versus do a serial extraction case
CE Credits: 06
Instructor: Dr. Dennis Tarnow - DDS | Periodontist & Prosthodontist
Friday, July 7th, 2017
Venue: Mississauga Convention Centre
Time: Registration 8am / Course 9am-5pm
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After March 31, 2017 - $699 + HST
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