Attempting to place implants in patients with a pneumatized maxillary sinus can create a challenging situation for many dental implant practitioners. This presentation will focus on utilizing an innovative technique for indirect sinus lifting. Evaluation and management of the deficient posterior maxillary region is handled via CBCT diagnostics and the use of the CAS-kit Approach Sinus Kit from Hiossen. 

Flap reflection, drilling sequence, hydraulic lifting of the Schneiderian Membrane, utilization of PRF and Allograft bone, and finally immediate implant placement is highlighted in a conservative crestal approach, without the need for opening the traditional lateral window. Attendees will understand how utilizing this technique can safely achieve anywhere from 6-8mm of vertical height in what is one of the most common, yet challenging regions to work in for implant dentistry.



  • Rationale for Sinus Grafting
  • Sinus Anatomy and Physiology review
  • Conventional sinus lifting technique using osteotome
  • Advantage of Sinus Lifting using the CAS kit
  • Indication and limitation of crestal approach
  • List the steps to performing safe indirect sinus lifting using the CAS kit with graft materials
  • Indication and Case Presentations
  • Pharmacology (Pre and Post op meds) for sinus grafting
  • Hands on – CAS-kit usage and Implant Placement on Sinus Models


Mentors: Dr. Azeem Sheikh
CE Credits: 02 Credits
Tuition: Complimentary Session

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Dates: Oct 10 FULL

Location: AIC Education Centre | 250 Shields Ct #5, Markham, ON | L3R 9W7 

Questions / Registrations: 
Shagufta Wahid – | 416 407 4300